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How To Get Your Ex Back – Some Tips To Win Again

Break ups are hard. No one wants to go through them, and yet millions of people are dealing with them on a regular basis. If you want to avoid the issues that are related with breaking up with someone, you are not going to be able to do it. There’s no way to avoid it. If it’s going to happen, it will, and you will be left out cold. Now, there are ways that you can change things up. In fact, you could learn how to get your ex back. This is something that a lot of people will no doubt want to chase, and it starts with changing. You will need to change a bit, or else you will not get anywhere.

Stay Friends
The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are friends. You will not be able to win her back if you do not go this route. Make sure to call, and just check in. Ask about getting a drink, as friends, and just catching up and staying in communication. You don’t need to do this a lot, but you should make sure that you chime in and see where they are and remind them that you’re there if they need you. You have to become a good friend, not just an ex. Don’t get angry, don’t bring up the past, and just be open minded about what your conversation may entail, including dating. Without friendship, you can’t possibly figure out how to get your ex back.

Meeting Girls In Shopping Malls Made Easier

Millions of people will go to a mall today. Among them will be single ladies. If your goal is to get more dates, then you have better get to the mall. Now, there are different times of day that you should go there. If you’re older than 18, don’t go after school, try to go during school hours, and try to make sure that you’re not going into shops and areas that are frequented by teenagers. That’s going to be a tough one for you. For others, this is fine, but if you’re over 18, be careful when trying to learn about meeting girls in shopping malls.

Find Similar Interests

You want to visit stores where women go, but that aren’t necessarily sexy. For instance, you don’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret and hang out. But you could go to a place like Hot Topic, which may have women that are into pop culture. Of course, there are other stores, but that’s just a quick example. Look for stores that have clothing for men and women, and try to keep an eye out for those that are shopping alone. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of stores where you can work on meeting girls in shopping malls.

Get Their Phone Number

When you see a woman that is shopping alone, just approach her. Say hello, and compliment them quickly. If they are approachable and smile back, ask for their phone number. Chances are they will either say yes or no. If they say no, wish them well and go away. If they say yes, then simply ask when a good time to call is, and leave. You don’t want a long conversation here, you simply want to get in and get out. Later on, depending on what they tell you about a good time, call them.

Three Steps For Approaching Confident Women

Here is something that most don't understand, how to succeed at approaching confident women. Most men just don't do it, and end up losing out on something grand. If your goal is to get with a female of this caliber, you're going to have to fight your anxieties and seriously take on a new world. Now, before you take on the tips below, you will need to learn how to brush off rejection. Confident women will reject you outright. They will make you feel terrible too, so don't panic. If you can withstand a "no", then you're going to get far here. If you aren't good with rejection, then you have a long way to go.
Three Steps For Approaching Confident Women
Start Working On Questions
Look up questions and one liners to say to women. Seriously, look them up and pick out 10 that you are going to memorize. This is going to help you greatly. Learn them by speaking into a mirror and practicing with friends. Make sure that you are confident when you say them, and don't laugh, break down, or try to fix them. Just say them with certainty. If you can do this, you will be head and shoulders above most men. Once you work these out and can say them with ease, it's time to test your options approaching confident women.

Tips To Stop Being Mr Nice Guy

They say that nice guys finish last, and guess what? They do. If you're going to move forward with a woman, you need to learn some tips to stop being Mr. nice guy. Without knowing these things, you are going to get left in the friend zone forever. If you're interested in a woman and you want to get with her, you will need to shake off the stench of being just "nice". If you do that, you will get with her and stay with her. This is something that takes a bit of time, and it's going to give you the upper hand as you more forward through the dating world. The following are some tips that can help you achieve this progression.

Take Time For Yourself

Do not just be waiting around for her to call you. In fact, make plans, and stick to them. Make plans, share them with her and then go do them. Do not wait for her to call to make plans, don't wait for her to try and do things, you should be doing things on your own. Remember, you are an independent person and you are not a beggar. Too often guys wait for someone to call, or to give them some action. Don't be that guy. Instead, do your own thing, go to museums, coffee shops, read books at libraries, and just be on your own without her. Even if you really want to be with her, don't let her see it or you will be too nice.
Tips To Stop Being Mr Nice Guy

Smart Dating Tips

The rules of modern dating have turned complicated because the role of both the genders is blurred. Any person can ask another out, both are clueless as to who will pay the bill or is the date a date truly or merely a hook up. Relax, below are some smart dating tips that will help a woman to meet the right man as well as make meaningful connections. These are as follows:
Smart Dating Tips
• Stop dating for sometime- if you are not enjoying the process of dating, avoid forcing yourself to date. It is best in returning to the right mind frame, opening your heart and lightening your load. Releasing negative energy and working through will help in preparing you for a finer dating experience.
• Control the dating destiny- receiving dismal results occurs when you allow your dating life in happening to you. Rather than letting dating to control you, always do things which are within your control which in simple terms mean to develop and stick to the dating strategy.

Tips For Figuring Out How To Seduce Women

You see it all the time in movies and read it in books, a confident man seduces a younger or older woman with ease. How do they do it? Is it all fiction? The truth of the matter is that you can learn how to seduce women with relative ease. All you have to do is make sure that you are looking into the right options overall. There is a trick to this solution, and it starts with figuring out what you want. Do you want to seduce a lot of women? Or do you want just one? Whatever the case is, make sure that you take a look at a few tips and tricks below to help you along the way.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

Learn to stand up straight. Dress nicely, and wear cologne. Make sure that you are not looking sloppy, and make sure that you always smell nice. Even if inside, you are not sure what you're doing, and you are somewhat panicked, don't let anyone know that. You have to be able to command attention, and focus on moving forward with anything that you're doing. This takes time, but you can go this route if you just practice, and continually remind yourself of your own personal greatness. This is a major key to learning how to seduce women.

Buy Flowers For Women

Want to really get their attention? Buy them flowers. Seriously, buy a woman a bouquet of flowers and they'll have you on their mind all day. The goal here is to get their attention so that they know you're thinking of them, and are a gentleman. In the note card, put your name and then ask a question. Something simple goes a long way, like, "will you go on a date with me?". Be prepared to show them the time of their lives, so think outside of the box. They don't want to go, they'll let you know, so don't worry. Flowers work most of the time, so test it out and see what happens. Buying flowers can at least show you whether or not you're learning how to seduce women.
Tips For Figuring Out How To Seduce Women

How to Target Shy Girls for Easy Pickings

In any group of girls, there’s usually one who’s getting all the attention. You know, she’s really animated, talking a lot, outgoing, a lot of guys are hitting on her. You can bet some of the other girls in the group are kind of shy and are feeling left out and a bit jealous – and they’re dying for their share of attention! Give it to them, and it will be like throwing them a lifeline – they’ll cling on to you to save them from the horror of being a chick in the shadow of some other woman!
How to Target Shy Girls for Easy Pickings

Here’s what you do: Scope out the girl in the group who seems kind of shy, who’s looking around for attention but can’t seem to get any because her girlfriend is dancing on the tabletops or just being really loud and boisterous – and being hit on by every guy in the place. Go up to your shy girl and say, “I just can’t believe it.” She’ll say, “What?” “I can’t believe why everyone is making such a fuss over your friend when there’s such a beautiful woman sitting over here in the corner. We need to do something about that. Can I join you?”

How to Pickup Girls from Grocery Store and Seduce them

Grocery stores are great places to meet women – they gotta buy food, right? And it offers a great opportunity for you to seem like a helpless male who needs a little feminine wisdom to get him through.
Here’s the plan: Go up to a woman who’s browsing meat (or looking at fruit or reading labels on laundry detergent or whatever). For instance, if it’s meat, look over the meat, too, picking some up and reading the labels then setting it back. Turn to her and say, “I’m hopeless at this, I can never pick good steaks. It’s always too tough or too fatty or just not fresh. Can you help me out?”
Women love giving advice, and you just gave her a golden opportunity she can’t refuse. She’ll give some tips. Ask her questions, like what color to look for, if you should buy leaner cuts, etc. When she’s done and you’ve selected some steaks or a package of hamburger or whatever, say, “Thanks so much, I really appreciate this. This may be the first good meal I’ve had in ages. Let me repay you – let me make you dinner. You already know I’ve got good steak.” She’ll be a little taken by surprise, but very pleased with the attention.
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How to Pickup Girls from Grocery Store and Seduce them

Say, “By the way, I’m Doug. And what can I call you?” She may accept the dinner invitation and if so, great, get the number and start planning that menu! But since she doesn’t really know you well, she may hesitate to go to your house for a meal. So if she seems a bit reluctant, say, “You know, I know you really don’t know me and might be shy about coming to my place for dinner so soon. So how about I take you out for a nice meal, and then you can see what a harmless guy I am, and maybe later I’ll cook you that dinner. Come on, you’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll gain a free dinner at the restaurant of your choice. Besides, I owe you. Your advice has saved me from a lifetime of eating bad cuts of meat. You’ve got to let me pay you back.” She’ll be flattered and laughing at this point, and most likely writing down those digits for you!
If you met talking over fruit or laundry detergent, you obviously can’t offer to cook that up for her (well, you could, but you’ll score crazy points instead of brownie points). But you can still thank her and offer to pay her back by going for a cup of coffee or dinner sometime.

How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know

Many men are confident and know their way around women and this is an advantage and a skill they can use to succeed in dating women.  Unfortunately, there are men who lack confidence and so shy that they cannot express themselves around women and so they end up dateless and loveless. For these men, knowing how to beat their shyness around women is important for them to have the relationship they’ve always wanted with their dream woman.
How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know
How to Beat Shyness Around Women- What Men Should Know

So how to beat your shyness around women?

Decide to do something to conquer your shyness around women.The first thing to do is to make a decision that you will act and do something to beat your shyness around women. If you want to have a good job will you just sit there and wait? Or will you go out and do something to get that job you really want? Anything you want can be achieved by making a plan and taking action whether it is in your professional life or in your personal life. If you want something in your life, you have to do something and go for it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get over your shyness around women.

Pretend you are confident. Building confidence is one of the secrets of beating shyness around women. The thing about building confidence is that you have to start somewhere and pretending or acting as if you are confident is a good start. You don’t have to be really confident from the outset but you have to learn to appear and act as if you are confident. Start with your appearance. Be a good dresser, always practice good posture, stand and walk taller and maintain eye contact. If you act like a confident man, people including the opposite sex will start to recognize you as a confident person which can help you gain more confidence that eventually you will find yourself not pretending anymore.

Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl

You wish to have a relationship with a girl you like but eventually you got friendzoned. It can be really frustrating when you are interested in a romantic relationship with a girl but eventually she wants you to just be friends. So how to avoid being friendzoned?
Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl
Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl

Be more mindful in picking your match. Being friendzoned sometimes lies on picking the wrong match. If you keep picking the girl not matched or not right for you, it is more likely that you’ll be stuck on being friendzoned. There are signs and body languages when women are interested in you. You must know how to read those signs to know if she’s into you. It is best to pick a woman who is more interested in you from the start to avoid being friendzoned.

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of your attractiveness, you can avoid being friendzoned. If you are too shy and lacks self-confidence, you can learn to be more sociable and confident to increase your level of attractiveness. Social skills can be very attractive to the opposite sex. When it comes to physical appearance, there are physical aspects that you can improve to be more attractive without a major plastic surgery. You can improve your physical appearance by learning to dress well and groom well. Keeping a good posture, staying fit or staying physically active and healthy are attractive physical traits to most women.


How to Lock Lips on a Second Date

Wondering how to lock lips on a second date? It all starts with getting a second date in the first place, so please do not ignore how important the first date is. This article is broken into two parts. Part 1 is "acting right on the first date so you get a second date." Part 2 is "How to lock lips on a second date."
Part 1: Acting right on the first date so you get a second date
How to Lock Lips on a Second Date
How to Lock Lips on a Second Date

A lot of guys just "wing it" when it comes to the all important first date. "I'll just be myself" is what they say. Then they wonder why the girl that enthusiastically accepted date 1 is all of a sudden cold and distant when it comes to trying to go out again.
Here are some rules of thumb for a first date (and actually, ALL your dates with her).
1. Be a gentleman by holding her chair, opening her car door, and for gosh sakes, don't eye up other women when you're out with her. Also, keep your eyes focused on hers, and not, er, lower, if you know what I mean.
Also, keep the date around 2-3 hours. There is no sense in trying to have an 8 hour date. You will just wear each other out and you don't have enough time in with her to survive that kind of togetherness. Ever hear the statement "familiarity breeds contempt?" Early on this is so true.
You have to spoon feed yourself to her so she is always anticipating the next time you will get together. Dating women is a marathon, NOT a sprint.
2. Don't talk about how you think the world is going to end in 2012. Maybe you buy into all that calendar stuff but a date is not the appropriate place for that or any other "serious" topics. Save the serious stuff for a philosophy class. Always keep things light and funny with her.
3. Grabbing is good when you're on a game show trying to get as many balls in your hands within a minute to win a big prize. Grabbing is not good on the date with her. I get that you're attracted to her but only know she knows when the right time for you to touch is. Do not put your arm around her, try get her to sit on your lap, rub her shoulders or anything else. I hear from so many women that guys that get in their space too soon TURN THEM OFF. If she wants to brush your arm or leg while laughing, cool. But you stay backed off of her!
Also, her touching you like that is a sign she likes you. You'll never get that sign if you get in her space and have your paws all over her. You'd leave the date wondering if she was touching you because she liked you or if she was trying to get away from you!

Who Should Pay on the First Date?

This week whilst organising a date for a new member through the personal matchmaking service, he asked me why separate bills would be given by the venue on the date. I advised him, it was so that neither party felt uncomfortable, or obligated when the bill arrived. But he insisted that I call up the venue and ask them not to do this as he would prefer to the pay the bill himself. I commented on how chivalrous that was of him, his response "I wouldn't have it any other way and would feel extremely uncomfortable letting a woman contribute". This got me thinking that in a day and age of equality and effectively meeting strangers through dating agencies, online dating sites and also via dating events, what's the etiquette when it comes to paying the bill on the first date? Should the man pay? Should the woman pay? Or should you go dutch?

I decided to ask both male and female Tantric Club members for their opinions. Starting with the ladies...

According to Shilpa, when a man asks you out for dinner on a second or third date and does not pick up the tab, she interprets this as a man who can be somewhat selfish and is demonstrating that whilst he can manage his own expenses, he wouldn't necessarily be able to provide for her.

Trusha believes that it is fair to pay her half on a first date, although it is nice when a guy insists on paying. She always offers and if the guy declines, she gracefully accepts, unless she feels that he is being insincere. In which case, she will insist on paying her half so that she does not feel any obligation towards him.
Who Should Pay on the First Date?
Who Should Pay on the First Date?

"The last two dates that I have been on, I've picked the tab up!" Seema recently went on two dates set-up by her family, where both guys apparently had forgotten their wallets. "Shockingly, neither of these guys felt embarrassed, or were over apologetic". She met the first guy after work in town for a drink. "Considering that he had been at work all day, surely he would have noticed that he did not have his wallet at lunch time, and had the good sense to at least borrow some money from a colleague". The second guy, when the bill arrived, the waiter placed it in front of him. Seema got her purse out and asked how much she owed with the intention of going halves, he then causally piped up that he had forgotten his wallet so she would need to pay the full bill. Not surprisingly, Seema has asked her mother to lay off the family introductions for a while.

"I gauge how much a guy likes me based on whether he pays the bill on the first date" that's according to Tina. She believes that if a guy does pay the bill then it's likely that he is interested and will ask her to go on a second date.

For Reena, all the long term relationships that she has had, the men have always paid for the first date and the first dinner. "I don't know if this is sheer coincidence but I certainly think that it tells you a lot about a guy's characteristics. For me, when a guy pays on the first date it tells me that he is chivalrous, considerate and knows how to treat a lady. There are a lot of men out there who talk the talk about knowing how to treat a woman but unfortunately, they fail to walk the walk! Let me clarify, I'm not a gold digger and certainly after a guy has made an effort and paid for the first date and dinner, I will reciprocate by organising and paying for the next one. To me, if he shows generosity from the outset, he is likely to be generous with his time and to nurturing a future relationship, you tell me, which woman doesn't want a man like that?"

Best Black Dating Sites

Black dating sites are specialized online dating sites that cater for black guys and females of all citizenships and cultural backgrounds. Some black dating sites are also concentrated on interracial dating, although that is likewise a separate particular niche of online dating, which we cover in our interracial dating group.
Best Black Dating Sites
Best Black Dating Sites

1. Black singles

Black Singles is a great site, with a proven reputation for bringing Black singles together. Black singles, ran by the Glow Networks (one of the largest and most preferred networks of dating sites on the planet), is among the most preferred dating websites online for black daters. With more than 1,000 new members signing up with every day Black Singles offers users the opportunity to hook up with tons of excellent new users monthly.

2. Afro Introductions

Afro Introductions is a wonderful black dating website, devoted to offering a superb online area perfect for joining guest and bringing about long-lasting relationships. Afro Introductions belongs to the Cupid Media network of websites, a group of more than 30 dating websites that have a reputation for providing quality services to their users. Every one of the Cupid Media websites are focused to a particular user group, and Afro Introductions, is naturally, no various.

3. Soul singles

Soul Singles is a wonderful website, concentrated on getting African-American, Haitian, Jamaican and Interracial connected in a fantastic online dating environment. With a lot of terrific features, made to enhance the dating experience of every one of the site's users, Soul Singles is an excellent option for those users who are trying to find love online.

4. Ebony Friends

Ebony Buddies is an excellent site with a range of attributes meant to enhance the dating experience of all those users who decide to register. Ebony Buddies is quite popular in the online black dating market, attracting a healthy lot of individuals who are particularly energetic on the site, with thousands browsed through at most times of the day.

5. Black Scene

Black Scene is an excellent 'ebony' dating website intended to create an environment perfect for individuals to find love, friendship and even more online. Black Scene is among those sites that, despite having a vast variety of functions that are very useful to its individuals, we did find that it was especially costly for users to update their conventional membership to premium membership.

Online Dating Advice for a Bad First Date

A bad date is a place you don't want to be. It's no one's fault, yet no matter how well you seem to get on online, you can easily find yourself in a public place with a stranger having a real struggle with simple conversation. What should you do?

You have 3 options open to you if you find yourself on a date which is not going well. By bad date I am referring to a mediocre level bad date where awkward silence and stilted conversation ensues, not the type of bad date you need to run away from. You can either -

1) cut the date short and go home 
2) stick it out, but not see them again 
3) give it another chance, another time.

There's no need to throw your possessions and yourself out of a restroom window if the conversation does not flow as you had hoped. There's a lot of pressure on people on a first date and it can be difficult to be yourself. It's not unlike a job interview, in many ways.
Online Dating Advice for a Bad First Date
Online Dating Advice for a Bad First Date

If the first date is not a roaring success, should you agree to another? Daters are very strictly in one camp or the other over this one. Some hardened daters are adamant that if there is no instant and deep connection, you should throw in the dating towel immediately. I am in the camp that believes that you might need a few dates to get to know one another.

Think of your current best friend, for example. I bet when you first met, you might not have imagined that they would one day be your best friend. You need more than one pop at getting to know someone - a date shouldn't be like an exam.

If you don't want to give it another go and meet your date again, send a polite and sugary message including:

- a big thank you for taking the time to meet you 
- tell them that they are great, but you don't feel you are suited 
- wish them all the best of luck for the future and say thanks again

If your date is rude or lewd, you don't need to sit politely through this one. If your date is rude or you feel unsafe in their company, you can cut the date short. Excuses include, I feel ill. That should do it. An elaborate plan that involves your mobile phone and an emergency is not necessary. Afflictions that are sudden and common include; headache, toothache, tummy ache, nausea.

You can bounce back from a bad dating experience. Laetitia, 32 from Brighton discovered this after a series of bad dates including suggestible sexual proposals on a first date, and another who left mid-way through dinner. Hang on, it may have been the same chap on two different dates. Bless Laetitia for giving him another go.

You can't prepare for a date like the chap above. Laetitia just put it behind her and persevered with dating, eventually meeting her current partner 8 dates later. Laetitia advises to try and not to take a bad experience too personally, and to carry on dating regardless;

Tips for a More Enjoyable First Date - What Men Should Know

Dating should be fun but for most people, first dates make them anxious maybe because they want everything to be perfect. A terrible first date could ruin your chance of creating a wonderful relationship with your date and so you want everything to be perfect to have a great start. First dates can be stressful if you do not know what to do. The following tips can be very helpful if you want a more enjoyable first date.

How to prepare for your first date?

To make a more enjoyable first date, you have to do your homework and know some basic details about your date. It would be too awkward if you happen to ask the wrong questions. Focus on your date and prepare on how to make her comfortable on your first date. Some men do practice their lines before their first date and there is nothing wrong if you will do the same. Turning the focus on your date can help you forget your nervousness and you'll eventually become more at ease.
Tips for a More Enjoyable First Date - What Men Should Know
Tips for a More Enjoyable First Date - What Men Should Know

To create a more enjoyable first date, avoid Friday night date to avoid the pressure. Keep the date short to be more considerate of each other. If you or your date can't feel any connection, keeping the date short will save you both of the awkwardness. Keeping the date short doesn't mean you have to be rude if there is no spark on your first date. Treat every first date as an opportunity to expand your network of friends. Who knows, your date might offer to introduce you to her friend who could be a better fit for you. Be a gentleman and treat every first date with good manners. If there is a connection and you are both attracted to each other, keeping the first date short means there is something to look forward to, which is your second date. The anticipation for the next date can be very interesting for both of you.

Be punctual on your first date or call if something came up and you cannot make it on time. It is important that you make her feel that you respect her time and remember that being considerate or respectful of your date makes you more attractive.

What to wear on your first date?

The clothes you wear on your first date affects the level of your attractiveness. Dress sharp and look your best on your first date. Most women love to go out with a guy who dress well but this does not mean you have to spend a fortune for your new wardrobe. Wear something presentable, clean and appropriate for your date. Wear clothes that flatter your best physical features and minimize your less attractive features. Of course to have a more enjoyable first date, you also have to be comfortable and confident wearing your outfit because you do not want to feel tense or uncomfortable with your outfit while on a date.

How To Make A Great Success Of A Blind Date

In many ways blind dating is no different than any other type of dating. The basic elements of dating still exist but you do need to exercise more caution in a blind date. Like any other date you want a blind date to go well so that you can ensure yourself a second date. However, while it is important to exercise caution in all types of dating it's even more important in blind dating. Another factor unique to blind dating is getting set up with a great date. While this may not always be in your hands there are some ways that you can take some initiative in this area.

Like any date the key to a blind date is setting yourself up for a second date. Arranging a fun date and being interesting to your date are two keys to achieving a second date. In making conversation on a blind date, it is important to take an interest in what your date has to say. Doing this will let them know that you are interested in getting to know them better. Also, try speaking about subjects that you really enjoy. This will make you not only sound more natural but will also make you sound more interesting.

Dressing to impress is also critical to a blind date. In meeting someone for the first time you will want to ensure that you make a good first impression. You don't always know how much a blind date already knows about you but it doesn't hurt to show up for the date looking as though you have put a great deal of effort into your appearance. You're date will appreciate the effort and be flattered by your going out of your way to impress them.
How To Make A Great Success Of A Blind Date
How To Make A Great Success Of A Blind Date

One key factor to blind dating is to exercise caution in meeting your date. Even if you are being set up by a close friend you can't be positive that they know the person they are setting you up with very well. It's best to set up an initial meeting in a well lit and populated location. Never agree to meet someone you don't know at a secluded location. While your blind date may be a wonderful person with no intentions of hurting you, it's best to exercise caution on a blind date.

Another factor unique to the blind dating situation is getting yourself set up with a great date. You may have several friends that are interested in setting you up with a friend or relative whom they think is just perfect for you but try not to agree to go on a blind date that is set up by someone who doesn't know you very well. If they don't know you well, then don't trust them to choose a date for you. However, if you have a friend who does know you very well, don't hesitate to drop hints about what you are looking for in a date. Those who know you best are most likely to set you up with a compatible blind date.

How To Flirt Right

Learn the 3 Things Women Hate About Men and How to Avoid Being the Single Guy That Women Hate

Just about every guy thinks he knows how to flirt. But guess what…
Most men have NO CLUE how to flirt “right.” And here’s the basic problem:
If you don’t understand how to use words and body language in such a way that it creates SEXUAL TENSION in a woman… right from the beginning of a conversation… it’s GAME OVER before you even get started.
But of course, like I said, most men have no clue how to flirt and make sexual tension actually work… That in mind, here’s how to flirt “right” to create results with women.

1. Set The Tone

Think of flirting like playing. Remember when you were a kid and you used to “play fight” with your friends?
Flirting is very similar.
If you start talking to a woman and say, “Hi, you’re very pretty. You probably have a boyfriend, right?” in a normal tone of voice, you’re NOT flirting.
On the other hand, if you say, “Hi, I realize that you’re probably shy because you get absolutely no attention from men… so I thought I’d come over here and pay a little attention to you…” it’s OBVIOUS that you’re setting a tone that’s not serious.
You’re using what I call “Cocky & Funny.”
Cocky & Funny is a powerful,concentrated way of setting the tone. When it comes to how to flirt and create sexual tension, it’s a very specific kind of humor.
When you know how to flirt in a Cocky & Funny way, you tune into a certain frequency in a woman’s mind that causes her to go into a very special kind of emotional state… the kind that drives her to want to get to know you better.

What To Say To A Woman On Your First Date

You never get a second chance to make a first impression… and it’s never more true than when it comes to first dates.
Yet, knowing this, what do most guys do the first time they take a woman out?
They approach a first date from the perspective of “I don’t want to mess up.” So they try too hard. They overthink things. They get tongue-tied or talk too much or freeze up.
Worst of all… their insecurity and desperation makes everything they do come across as awkward, needy, or boring.
So what’s the answer? How do you go into a first date feeling confident, in-control, and ready to say and do everything right?
Like everything else in life, it takes is a little preparation… and your old friend David D. is here to help you cram for the exam.
The key to acing any first date boils down to just one thing: making sure that everything you say and do tells a woman that you have OTHER OPTIONS… that you’re making a choice about HER as much as she is about YOU.
What To Say To A Woman On Your First Date
What To Say To A Woman On Your First Date
Thing is, you can’t begin to send that message until you eliminate the BIGGEST mistake that most men make on first dates…

Don’t Be Boring

A first date isn’t a job interview or a press conference.
Problem is, most guys treat it that way. They think that if they play it safe by asking the same old questions, they might succeed with a woman by not doing anything wrong.
And that’s understandable… it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous and insecure. So we stick with safe, boring, predictable conversations and questions like, “So what do you do for a living?” or “Have you lived around here long?” or “What are your hobbies?”
Even worse, we launch into questions that reek of neediness and desperation… “So, how do you think it’s going?” Or “Do you think we’re a good match?” Or worst of all: “Do you like me?”
These questions are the most lethal ATTRACTION KILLERS on the planet.
So stop using them immediately.
What do you need to talk about instead?
Things that spark INTEREST and ATTRACTION in a woman, signaling that you’re that one-in-a-million guy she’s looking for who can make her life more FUN.
Here’s a surefire way to get started on the right path:

Adopt The Right Mindset

Nothing’s more powerful than adopting a mindset on a first date that “lowers the stakes.”
Stop thinking of her as an unattainable goddess, or your future wife, or your last chance for happiness in life. When you do that, you’re setting the bar so high that you can’t help but feel nervous… and therefore make mistakes.
Instead, imagine that she’s nothing more than your bratty little sister.
Basically, act like she’s someone that annoys you, bothers you, and will probably screw up her chances with YOU… and that you couldn’t care less. Like, if she walked out the door, you’d be on to the next woman in about five minutes (because, with my help, you WILL be.)
Keep a fun spirit about this, of course.
But once you adopt this mindset, magical things start to happen.
You instantly feel more relaxed and in-control… which frees your mind (and your tongue) to stop screwing things up with boring, desperate conversation she hears from every other guy… which then makes you stand out as a guy she wants to spend more time with.

Simple Rules For Texting A Woman

When it comes to communicating with women, not long ago it was the stone age… all we had were telephone calls and face-to-face.
Scary, right?
But here’s what’s even scarier…
Today, with text, email, Instagram, and whatever that new killer app is that’s about to change the world, it’s become insanely easy to communicate with a woman anywhere, any time.
But with great power comes great responsibility… in the hands of a clueless guy, these tools become weapons of mass destruction. They’re effortless and “at-a-distance,” so some men see them as an open invitation to unleash their worst instincts and attraction-killing behaviors…
… and it’s never more true than when it comes to TEXTING.
This in mind, here are my 8 simple rules for using texting to amplify attraction and save yourself from certain technological disaster with women…
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Simple Rules For Texting A Woman

Rule #1: Keep It Light

Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit… he would have been a MASTER texter.
Short humor shows intelligence and creativity. Mix in some cockiness, and it instantly comes across as the kind of CONFIDENCE that a great woman who gets a thousand texts a day from desperate guys will find VERY attractive.
Use texts to deliver Cocky & Funny in small doses that stoke a woman’s interest and keep her wanting more. Check in with,“Stop dreaming about me.” Or, “I checked my calendar, I can make some time for you.” Or, “Wondering what I’m wearing?”
Above all, know that texting is NOT a low-risk way to spill your guts, share your deepest feelings, or wax poetic. By nature, it’s a light, nimble medium… so use it that way.

Rule #2: Keep It Short

Want to make a woman dread hearing from you? Send her long texts.
Nevermind that long messages often arrive as a jumbled mess due to the whims of data pipes… MUCH worse is that a “long” message almost always equals a boring, desperate, or emotional message… so go back and SEE RULE #1.
Also, long texts also make a woman feel like she “owes” you an in-depth response. But, unless she’s already feeling major attraction for you, she’s not going to waste precious time out of her busy, in-demand life to give you one.
Not gonna happen.

Rule #3: Use Texts To Take Control Of The Chemistry

Texting is one of the best ways to take control with a woman in a way that’s sure to make her sit up, take notice, and feel that spark of attraction.
Tell her, “Okay, this is where I can meet you,” or “Here’s what I have planned” or “This is where I’ll be, join me if you want,” and you’re instantly communicating confidence in a way that’s VERY attractive… and practically effortless.
Even better, your directness and brevity imply that you’re too busy to play games or chase her. She instinctively feels that you’ll just move on to the next thing if she doesn’t make an effort to pin you down and keep you for herself.

Rule #4: Don’t Keep Her Waiting (& Keep Her Waiting)

You always hear that you should wait to follow-up with a woman. And, in a lot of cases, that’s true… like we talked about, you want to come across as a man who’s busy and has options in life.
But, with texts, it’s been my experience that if you text her back sooner, it’s much easier to keep the spark and energy in the conversation. If you wait too long with texts, the trail goes cold fast.
I know this goes against the general rule, but texting is different for its conversational nature and its immediacy – and you need to capitalize on that.
Now that I’ve said that, let me contradict myself.
It is CRUCIAL that you never come across as “too available” or, even worse, DESPERATE.
So once in awhile, don’t answer her for several hours, or even a day. It’s important to transmit the message clearly that you HAVE A LIFE, and that you’re not sitting around waiting for her to contact you.

Relationship Advice for Single Guys

Perhaps you’ve used the classic break-up line ‘it’s not you, it’s me’  and meant it.
It was you, but what was it with you? Maybe you weren’t ready or maybe you said the wrong things or maybe you gave up after the first fight. Whatever it is, we can learn from other’s mistakes.
Here are 10 pieces of relationship advice from a a guy who knows why it was him and not her.
Relationship Advice for Single Guys
Relationship Advice for Single Guys
1. Know yourself to know when you are ready 
Before you can be in a relationship you need to start with yourself and know yourself.
Being in a relationship when you don’t know yourself is like trying to dress a baby before it is even born. It doesn’t work.
You don’t want to introduce yourself to a girl and not know who you are introducing, do you?
And when you know yourself and like yourself, you will know when you’re ready.
2. Texting
If you are interested in or are dating a girl and communicate mostly through texting, you’re doing it all wrong. Texting at the right time and place can be great, but when overused can hurt your relationship. Instead of using your phone to text her, use it to speak to her.
Call her up, listen to her voice, and have a conversation with her.
Don’t pick her up and then put her down, and please don’t limit her to 160 characters.
3. Slow down
She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s funny. She even likes your favorite sports team and can quoteDumb & Dumber.
She is the girl of your dreams and now you’re telling yourself she is the one.
Ask her out, get to know her, remain patient.
She may be the one, but remember, she doesn’t become the one until you said “I do.”
4. Admit, Apologize, & Ask 
You are going to make a mistake and when you do man up!
Admit you were wrong.
Apologize for the wrong you did.
Ask her for forgiveness.
5. You don’t have to, you get to. 
You don’t have to date her, you get to.
It is nothing short of an honor that you get to be with her.
Commit to sacrifice and embrace it.